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Hunnies Body Butter

After watching my husband and son suffer from eczema, skin conditions that caused inflammation and dry patchy, itchy skin and spending money trying different types of lotions in an attempt to find the right product, to no avail,  I decided to do some research and embark on a remedy that would find them relief. Making homemade body butters using natural and organic butters & essential oils has cleared their skin and relieved them of all discomfort. Hunnies body butter makes homemade small batch butters that hydrate your skin and adds a beautiful glow. Our luxurious creamy butters will penetrate your skin intensely to mollify, regenerate and pamper it, while leaving it delicately fragranced.


"Deliciously decadent. My skin has felt amazing since the moment it arrived. About to buy another jar for back up."

Liani G.

Lather me up

Used Silk Jasmine to shower EVERYDAY , i love the smell , how it makes my body feel after the shower and not to mention how well it lathers. Will be trying all of the soaps . Guarantee you’ll love this


Found the perfect solution!

My daughter have eczema and it has worked for them! I have tried a lot of other creams, but this one has helped them and their skin is finally feeling smooth!


The secret to my lookThis is a great product, and I have been using it for over 4 month’s already. I personally use this on my beard and my face. And I love how shinny and hydrated it leaves my beard. Everyday I get lots of compliments of my beard thanks to this product and people ask me what’s my secret.

Javier B.

Heaven in a jar!

Ordering was a breeze. Received it in no time. Body butter isnt greasy, it melts into your skin and leaves a hint of scent. My skin was still moisturized at the end of my day. Its an amazing product.

Kira J.

Putting Lotion Out Of Business

Hunnie's Body leave skin feeling soft & nourished. Me & my son are huge fans of Hunnies Sunset & always need a resupply.

Derrick G.

Best Body ButterI

absolutely love the Body Butters. It keeps my skin hydrated and the oils that are in it adds a beautiful shine and glow to my skin. It also contains SPF so that is a plus!

Erika V.

I purchased this for my husband. He works in the elements outside. This body butter is amazing on his skin. The scent is perfect.

Cadisha S.

Excellent product

Love this unrefined Shea butter. Especially immediately after shower or bath to skin is an amazing feel, even hours later your skin is so soft.

Renee L.

What we use?

All of your Butters and Creams are made with Natural, Unrefined & Organic Ingredients. Body butters have essential omega 3 fats that benefit the body. Omega 3 fats are very moisturizing and help calm inflammation. 

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