About us

My Motivation

After watching my husband and son suffer from eczema, skin conditions that caused inflammation and dry patchy, itchy skin and spending money trying different types of lotions in an attempt to find the right product, to no avail,  I decided to do some research and embark on a remedy that would find them relief.  Making homemade body butters using natural and organic butters & essential oils has cleared their skin and relieved them of all discomfort. Hunnies body butter makes homemade small batch butters that hydrate your skin and adds a beautiful glow. Our luxurious creamy butters will penetrate your skin intensely to mollify, regenerate and pamper it, while leaving it delicately fragranced.


Benefits & Uses of Our Butters

Our luxurious blends of organic body butters and oils help with dry, irritated, skin caused by eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions that cause inflammation. our butters nourish, protect and fortify your skin leaving it healthy. body butters rely on their natural emollients to keep you soft. the hydrating oils within natural butters will keep your skin moisturized far longer than any regular lotion.


Body Butters work best if applied after bathing or showering, when pores are open. this will allow the butter to better penetrate the skin. Body butters will help promote skin and hair health while adding rejuvenating and regenerative properties.