Beeswax is the building block of the hive. Honeybees from the genus Apis produce it to build the hexagon-shaped honeycomb where bees live, work, raise their young and store their food supplies. In its natural form, beeswax is actually white or translucent. It becomes the light golden color we associate with beeswax when stained by pollen or propolis. Beeswax is made up of about 300 different compounds. Its composition can vary slightly depending on where the honeybees live.  

Beeswax is beneficial because it:   

  • Seals in moisture so it is a fantastic remedy for dry skin
  • Contains antioxidants that produce shiny, glowy skin
  • Acts as a sealant to protect skin from harmful environmental toxins
  • Protects skin while still allowing it to breathe
  • Is anti-inflammatory so it can help heal cuts and bruises
  • Contains vitamin A which promotes cell regeneration